Crazy Hat Fad

6 Nov

On Friday the 29th of April the world watched as Kate Middleton and Prince William were married. It was one of the most anticipated events of the year, and everyone wanted a glimpse at the Royal spectacle. What no one could have prepared for, however, were the hats.

Once we saw the absurd hats that the wedding guests were arriving in, we forgot all about the wedding.  Who cared what Kate’s dress or the cake would look like – we just wanted more crazy hats.

I realize some women wear hats to church events (we do that here in the US) but never had I seen hats like these. Some of them made Lady Gaga look tame. And with this trend-setting Royal event, crazy hats became a fad and are popping up more and more. Here are some of the latest runway looks that we can only hope our local department stores start carrying.

The upside down umbrella:

The car rim (also available in spinners):

The marshmallow stack:

The fuzzy Elmer Fudd (just in time for hunting season!):

Wacky hats were a trend at the Kentucky Derby this year also (no doubt the US felt they had to show the British that we can do crazy when it comes to hats, too). Ours were bigger and better than ever this year.

In summary, if you have a special event to attend – be it a wedding, party, sporting event, or just a trip to the grocery store – don’t be afraid to let your crazy flag fly and wear your most outlandish hat. It’s fashionable and fabulous!


One Response to “Crazy Hat Fad”

  1. Because I Saw It On Pinterest November 6, 2011 at 9:18 pm #

    “What’s that? A hat? A crazy, funky, junky hat? Overslept? Hair unsightly? Trying to look like Kiera Knightly? We’ve been there, we’ve done that, we see right through your funky hat!”

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