Quick Chick Flick: Disney’s “Prom”

7 Apr

You know what I miss? 90’s high school movies like She’s All That, Can’t Hardly Wait and Clueless. I thought they were gone for good; a lost art (ok maybe not art but you know what I mean). Just when I thought I’d simply have to accept the fact that I would never again find a movie that would give me that 90’s teenage feeling, I came across Disney’s Prom. Complete with an endearing female lead, a mega hottie, and a dress shopping movie montage (every girly movie needs one of those, right?!), I highly recommend Prom for your next chick flick, girls.

I am a huge Disney fan – I think it’s the only station on my television these days where I am guaranteed to find good, wholesome family entertainment. And some days that’s just what a girl needs after seeing one too many primetime TV shows filled with sex, drugs and violence. Prom was released in theaters in 2011 and is now playing on the Starz network. In the spirit of Disney, it’s a follows the respectable lives of several American teenagers as they prepare for their school’s senior prom, and all the silly drama that comes along with being a high school student.

Nova is your typical high school senior “good girl” that everyone loves.  Class President, on the fast track to a successful scholarship funded education at a prestigious  college, and head of the prom committee, Nova is determined to make this the best prom ever for her fellow students. She sees prom as an opportunity to bring all the different types of people and “cliques” together one last time before entering the real world.


But when an accident burns down the building housing all of the prom decorations she and her friends worked on for months, Nova is left wondering if the prom will even happen. All her friends are too busy preparing for final exams before graduation to help her rebuild. Determined to make it happen no matter what, Nova tells the principal she will figure something out and work non-stop after school every day.

Enter the mega hottie I mentioned earlier. Jesse Richter is the school “bad boy” and, being punishment by the principal, has been assigned to work with Nova every day on rebuilding the prom decorations. Jesse hates the idea of prom and sees it as a waste of time where teenagers submit to high school conformity.


Reluctantly, he helps Nova and finds out her motives for bringing everyone together at the prom are actually pretty cool. And Nova finds out that Jesse isn’t in fact the “bad boy” he has been labeled as at all. Needless to say, major sparks fly between the two and we are left hoping that Jesse man’s up and asks Nova to the prom in time. But when her dad steps in and privately tells Jesse to stay away from Nova, telling Jesse that he is exactly the kind of riffraff that will hold  her back from her bright future, their growing relationship is threatened. Will Jesse walk away and leave her dateless for the prom or realize he cares too much about Nova to do that to her?? Ah, teenage drama.

Besides Nova and Jesse, there are several other characters who are going through their own teenage troubles in Prom. Likely prom King and Queen, Tyler and Jordan’s relationship is threatened when Tyler makes a move on cute Sophomore Simone. But Simone’s classmate and lab partner Lucas is head over heels for her and desperately tries to win her affection with the advice of his nerdy BFF Corey. Mei and her longtime boyfriend Justin’s relationship is under pressure when Mei is accepted by her dream college in NYC, while Justin is under the impression they will be attending the University of Michigan together. And the lovable character Lloyd (I swear he was inspired by my favorite hopeless romantic Lloyd Dobler) is desperately seeking a prom date and asks almost every girl in the school with no luck.

And Prom has an amazing soundtrack, y’all. I’m talking some seriously happy, summer tunes! And I even caught some 90’s favorites that had been re-recorded by current bands. A remake of The Cranberries hit “Dreams” had me reminiscing of a beloved episode of My So-Called Life, and  I even heard a current version of “Alright” by Supergrass. You know, the song from Clueless…”we are young, we run green, keep our teeth, nice and clean….feel alright”! So yeah, I may be buying the Prom soundtrack.

Overall, I really enjoyed the light-heartedness of Disney’s Prom and recommend it for any girl who wants to take a trip down memory lane to the land of high school and simpler times.


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