Alright Breaking Dawn, Let’s Get This Over With

9 Nov

Five years ago I read a book that had been getting a lot of attention and sounded right up my alley: an introverted teenage girl falls for a God-like, mysterious young man only to find out he and his whole family are vampires, and that he is absolutely in love with her and would do anything to keep her alive. Forbidden love, supernatural elements, suspense and did I mention the God-like vampire? What’s not to like? Thus began my love affair with the Twilight books. And a year later the movie came out which was just ok, but I let that slide because it was so exciting to see one of my favorite books come to life on the big screen. Now, four years later we will finally see this movie butchering franchise come to an end with Breaking Dawn Part 2, which comes out next Friday.

I loved all of the books (Breaking Dawn wasn’t my fave), and have been giddy like a school girl going to see each Twilight movie on opening day. Heck, I even had an Eclipse pre-party at my house when the movie came out, complete with “blood” punch and Twilight trivia and prizes. Aren’t we cute?

Yes, I actually have a shirt that says “I’d rather be in Forks”.

But I’m about to get real honest here…I’m ready for all the Twilight hype to come to an end. Yes, the movies are exciting and for some reason keep me coming back for more, but it seems like I end up criticizing each movie more and more.  Maybe it’s just that I loved the books so much and don’t feel like the films live up to them, or maybe it’s that the media focus has been more on Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s off-screen romance than on the actual movies. This is just my opinion and I realize this is an extremely sore subject with a lot of girls (please don’t hate me, Twi-hards!), but here are a few of my biggest pet peeves with the Twilight films.

The Acting

The only thing that has kept me hanging on in each movie is Taylor Lautner’s portrayal of Jacob (Team Jacob!) and I feel like he’s the only one with real talent amongst the cast. Everyone else just seems so hokey to me and do NOT get me started on Kristen Stewart’s acting skills. Her go-to moves include a lot of blinking, shaking her head, sighing and stuttering. See example below:

And Jackson Rathbone as Jasper is pretty much the master of what I like to call “Face Acting”. If there was an award for looking intense/suspicious/confused all the time, this guy would win it.

What is his face?

The Make-Up

In her novels Stephenie Meyer describes the Cullens as perfect creatures, fantasy-like and absolutely beautiful. The idea is, once you become a vampire your features are enhanced to the utmost beauty, making you irresistible to any living person. The Cullens live among regular humans in Forks, WA and while everyone is drawn to their stunning beauty, no one seems to suspect them of being “undead”. In the movies however, the makeup department went a little overboard with the white face paint and the contacts. I guess their goal was to make it clear to the audience which ones are actual people are which are vampires? I’m sorry but if I saw people who looked like this in real life I would be more than a little suspicious.

I do think that all of the actors in the Twilight movies are beautiful people. I do not think, however, that their makeup is very believable.

The Media Hype

At first it was ok. I was glued to my television watching all the specials that came on when the first Twilight movie was released in 2008, and was chomping at the bit to go see the movie. But now it’s gotten a little bit out of control.  And by out of control I mean I fear for those poor people’s lives at every premiere they go to. I mean, the actors went from being nobodies (Robert Pattinson will always be Cedric Diggory to me, though) to superstars overnight and are hunted down everywhere they go by crazed fans who practically foam at the mouth at the chance to ask them to please “bite them”.

Having said all that, I do plan on going to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 next weekend with my BFF and I am absolutely certain we will squeal like five year olds in the theater and I seriously can’t wait. I guess everyone has a guilty pleasure.

Are you ready for the Twilight Saga to be over? Take my poll below!

2 Responses to “Alright Breaking Dawn, Let’s Get This Over With”

  1. Because I Saw It On Pinterest November 9, 2012 at 10:57 pm #

    Jackson R is such a creeper!! But the thing is-he doesn’t look ANYTHING like Jasper in real life. I googled! I don’t think Bella is going to bust out her red shield-o-magic like in the book. Can’t wait to see it!!!

    • Mandy November 10, 2012 at 10:57 am #

      I agree! I didn’t think he was that creepy in the book, but the way they made him in the movie was just so weird. I think they are all beautiful in real life, but in the movies they look so strange. Can’t wait till next weekend!!!

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