Winter Must-Haves

30 Nov

Winter is just around the corner and will be here in just a few weeks! I absolutely love this time of year and always look forward to cooler weather down here in the deep south. Although we haven’t had any really cold weather (unless you consider the low 50’s cold) I am getting prepared for Winter by making a list of things I consider to be “must-haves” this year. Here they are…

Shorts Over Tights

I used to rock this look as a child in the 80’s (thanks, Mom!) and couldn’t be more thrilled that certain throw-back styles like this one are back in fashion. I’m looking for corduroy, wool or plaid shorts for Winter, particularly in black or red. Plaid would be the best! Here are a few examples of the look I’m loving right now.

via Mandy on Pinterest

via Mandy on Pinterest

via Mandy on Pinterest

Riding Boots

I love, love, love tall riding boots! They have been a weekend staple for me lately, and I usually throw mine on over some skinny jeans for stylish comfort. Here are some boots that I dream about.

Riding Boots

Hand & Lip Moisture

When the weather gets cold my skin tends to dry out a lot, and I can’t stand dry, itchy knuckles and chapped lips. I always keep lip balm and lotion in both my purse and bedside table and just want to drench my hands and lips in it during the Winter. I prefer all natural, chemical-free products and can’t get enough Burt’s Bees, especially their beeswax lip balm (the menthol is so refreshing!). Also love their new tinted lip products in place of lipstick.

All Natural Hand & Lip Moisture

Cozy Cardigans

Cable-knit, oversized, and warm please! Kinda like this one…


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