Character Fashion Inspiration: The Women of “Once Upon A Time”

29 Jan

Once Upon A Time

Being the Disney lover that I am, of course I’m a fan of the hit ABC series Once Upon A Time. The show follows classic storybook characters like Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Captain Hook, and Rumpelstiltskin, but instead of them dwelling in their magical, make-believe lands they have been transported to the small New England town of “Storybrooke” by The Evil Queen (who else would do such a nasty thing!?). We flash back to the fairy tale world in every episode to learn a little more about each character’s alter ego, and of course magic and mystery surround the plot of this fantasy show. There are three main female characters – Emma Swan, Mary Margaret/Snow White and Regina/The Evil Queen – each one a strong and powerful woman with their own unique style. Here are my picks for fashion inspired by these lovely ladies…


Emma (played by Jennifer Morrison) is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming and serves as the local sheriff. Sent to our world as a baby she grew up knowing only this land and is just now discovering that she has magical powers of her own, which she uses to serve up justice in the small town. Emma’s look is practical and slightly rugged, almost always consisting of skinny jeans, a leather jacket and durable leather boots. I created a look that I think she would happily wear!

Emma Swan from Once Upon A Time
Mary Margaret’s alter ego is Snow White and while in her fairy tale land she was a powerful heroine, in our land she is a humble school teacher, hopeless romantic and ultimate do-gooder. She comes across as a motherly figure and often is the voice of reason in Storybrooke. Played by the adorable Ginnifer Goodwin, M.M./Snow’s graceful, feminine look consists of cardigans, lace and floral patterns. I chose a few pieces I felt captured her charm nicely.
Mary Margaret from Once Upon A Time
via polyvore
Regina Mills is the Mayor of Storybrooke but as the Evil Queen (responsible for wiping the memories of all the fairy tale characters and placing  them in a new land) she  has a hand in just about every evildoing in town. She is the character that you just love to hate! Her closet contains smart suits and sleek, stylish dresses. Oh, and don’t forget the signature fuchsia lips – gorgeous!
Regina from Once Upon A Time

What do you think of these character’s styles? I think I can identify more with Mary Margaret’s or Emma’s fashion choices, although I do envy Regina’s trendy power suits. For more fairy tale fashion be sure to tune in to Once Upon A Time on Sunday nights at 8/7 Central Time on ABC.

Whose look do you identify with most?


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