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#MusicMonday – Ed Sheeran

18 Nov

Just when you think Ed Sheeran couldn’t get any cooler, he goes and releases a new song for the upcoming Hobbit sequel The Desolation of Smaug. I mean, really Ed? Really?


A few months ago I discovered Ed Sheeran, and my music collection will never be the same because of it. If you’re not familiar with Ed, here’s the rundown: he’s a 22-year-old British, award-winning artist, bestie to Taylor Swift, soulful singer and amazing songwriter. He’s extremely talented, performing his songs with just himself and a loop pedal (which allows him to act as drums, bass, and background vocals) and has gained superstardom not only in the UK, but also in the States. His album, +, was released in 2011, and soon after Taylor Swift asked him to write and perform a song with her for her album Red. So they penned and recorded “Everything Has Changed” (love it!) and Taylor loved Ed so much that she asked him to come open her US Red tour with her, which of course he did. (Does anyone really say “no” to Taylor Swift?) His song “The A Team” was nominated for Song of the Year at the 2013 Grammy’s, where he performed with Sir Elton John. Ed recently sold out three shows at Madison Square Garden (sold out! wow) where he surprised concert-goers each night with a special guest opening act, and even brought Taylor out on stage at one point to sing with him!


+  has become one of my all time favorite albums; some of the highlights you definitely need to check out are “Give Me Love“, “Lego House” (Harry Potter fans will love this one), “Drunk“, and “Small Bump“. The record has absolutely been played dozens of times in my house and I love watching videos of Ed performing. To get the full effect of the loop pedal and what all this kid can do, watch The Live Room performance of “Give Me Love” here. Ed Sheeran has gone on me and my husband’s list of live shows to see at some point in our lives.

So, we were thrilled when he announced on Twitter a few weeks ago that he was asked by Peter Jackson himself (whoa!) to write and perform the song for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. “I See Fire” is sooo good, I got goose bumps the first time I heard it. Ed captures the story of a dragon wreaking havoc on Middle Earth in this song so well, and I look forward to hearing it as the credits role at the end of the movie. Which my husband and I will be going to see on opening day. Because we’re nerds.

Here is the video for the song, which Ed performs all instruments and vocals on, except for the cello. (I guess there really are some things this guy can’t do.) Break out your hoodies and your cuppa tea and crank this one up, y’all.

#MusicMonday – Tegan and Sara “Closer”

14 Oct


Oh, Tegan and Sara. You two rock my world. These Canadian identical twins are not only cute, but extremely talented. They sing, play instruments and write their own music. They have released seven studio albums, and tour constantly. If you ever have an opportunity to see them live, take it! I first saw them in 2010 in New Orleans when they opened for Paramore during the Honda Civic Tour. I had heard their songs “Walking With A Ghost” and “Back In Your Head” before, but after seeing them live I was sold. They were amazing, and I’ve loved them ever since.

Their new single, “Closer”,  is off their current album Heartthrob and it is so much fun. If you haven’t heard it yet, watch the video below. I dare you not to get sucked in to its happy, catchy beat. The first time I heard it, it reminded me of an 80’s song – so of course I loved it.

If you liked what you saw, check out some of their other stuff here, here and here.

Music Monday – Electronica Obsessions

7 Oct

So I am pretty sure that in some alternate universe I am a club kid. You know, those people who live in NYC and go to nightclubs with glow sticks and lose themselves in techno music. Yeah, you know. I just can’t help myself when I hear it, y’all. Electronic, progressive, ambient, techno, I love it all. Sometimes it scares me that I am so into this kind of music but most of the time I just go with it.  I love turning on my deadmau5 Pandora station while I’m working at the computer – it’s hours of amazing, trance-like background tunes. Plus, it’s amazing workout music!

I’m lucky because right now there seems to be a spike in that genre and everyone is teaming up with DJ’s to make their songs more electronic. Here are a few that I can’t get enough of lately… if you’ve never given this type of music a try, here’s your chance!

(click images for links to awesomeness videos)


Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness Remix
Miss. Lana is so alluring and so is the mix behind her sultry voice in this gem.

Calvin Harris-Ellie Goulding-I Need Your Love

Calvin Harris Feat. Ellie Goulding – I Need Your Love
This guy is huge right now, and so is Ellie – double tap! I love this fun, upbeat song! And how cute are these two in this video??


Zedd Feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore – Stay The Night
Ok, if you haven’t heard me say it before, I freaking love Hayley Williams. Like, I’m obsessed with her. And now I’m obsessed with this song, too.


Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites
This one is kinda cray-cray. If you’ve seen Spring Breakers you will recognize it. I dig the insane and erratic chords.


deadmau5 – Raise Your Weapon
I love this guy. He’s really creative and loves cats. Slow things down with this one and lose yourself in the trance!


La Roux – In For The Kill Skrillex Remix
She is super cute and reminds me of a little fairy. This song is light and airy but then Skrillex really mixes things up in the middle.


Calvin Harris Feat. Florence Welch – Sweet Nothing
Ok, prepare to be blown away. Calvin is back but this time with the one and only Flo (minus the machine). She’s so amazing. This video is pretty amazing, too.


Swedish House Mafia Feat. John Martin – Don’t You Worry Child
This is a great upbeat song that I can’t help but sing along to at the top of my lungs! (While dancing around like a nerd, of course.)

Do you like this type of music? If so, what are some of your faves?

Music Monday – Ben Howard

17 Jun

Ben Howard Every Kingdom

Life gets hard sometimes. We all have things going on and from time to time it’s easy to get bogged down and let the negativity take over. I want to remind you all (with the help of a song) to take a minute and be thankful for your life and what you’ve been given. I can’t think of a better song to lift everyone up than one by Ben Howard.

I’ve been listening to my Ben Howard Every Kingdom record a lot lately (a gift from my wonderful husband) and wanted to share one of my absolute favorite songs off of it today. Ben’s music is so beautiful – if you’ve never heard it before I encourage you to check it out (especially “Only Love“). Originally from London, he’s an avid surfer and you really get a feel for his free-spiritedness in his folksy lyrics. I find his music to be almost spiritual, and turn it on lately when I’m in need of some positive vibes.

So turn that frown upside down, y’all! Have a wonderful week!

Music Monday – Fitz And The Tantrums

3 Jun

Fitz and the Tantrums

It’s June! When June rolls around every year, I start to feel like it’s really Summer. And that means long days, beautiful weather, and lots of fun and happiness. So let’s celebrate! Here’s a groovy new tune by Fitz and the Tantrums that will certainly make you want to celebrate. “Out Of My League” is the first single off the band’s new sophomore album, More Than Just A Dream. You may know them from their other hit, “MoneyGrabber“, which is equally fabulous. If you’re not familiar with them yet, you need to be!

Fitz and the Tantrums was formed by lead singer Michael Fitzpatrick in Los Angeles in 2008. Backed by a female vocalist and instruments like guitars, keyboards, trumpets, and even harmonicas and flutes, the band has a very eclectic sound. It almost reminds me of 70’s disco music. Fitz and the Tantrums got their start opening for Maroon 5 in 2009, played the Austin, Texas SXSW festival in 2010 and gained fan support after appearing on several late night talk shows including Jimmy Kimmel Live, Conan and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

Here is “Out Of My League” – go have yourself your own personal dance party!
Have a groovy week!

Music Monday – Country Collaboration With A Message

20 May

OK, so you saw the word “Country” and are immediately thinking about skipping this installment of Music Monday – but before you do, let me just tell you that this song is not about someone’s truck or a dog dying or crying in their beer. Alright? So, as I’ve said before, I am a Southern girl living in Alabama by way of Tennessee and I couldn’t really help the fact that I grew up listening to country music. I have always kind of loved it. But I do love other types of music like pop, alternative and indie rock.

I’m sure everyone has heard of the artists from today’s featured song – country sex symbol Tim McGraw, mega-superstar Taylor Swift and extremely hot American Idol judge Keith Urban are all pretty much country music royalty. When the three got together for Tim’s new single, “Highway Don’t Care” not only did they create an amazing song but also a video that covers a very relevant topic in our society today.

Highway Don't Care

I have been hearing “Highway Don’t Care” on the radio a lot lately (yes, I even listen to country radio sometimes! gasp!) and really like it – the lyrics are catchy if not a little bit haunting. I finally caught the video yesterday while flipping through the channels and it immediately drew me in because I thought I knew what the song was about, but was surprised to find out it was actually about something totally different. We all know that distracted driving due to cell phones is a huge problem in our society right now, and not only with teenagers. I’ll admit, I am guilty of this. So far this year in the U.S., there have been an estimated 392,872 crashes involving drivers using cell phones and texting. And that number increases every 30 seconds. (source) That is too many, y’all.

I urge you to watch the “Highway Don’t Care” video because not only will you get to hear some great music that will get stuck in your head for hours (not to mention a glimpse of Keith Urban in all his marvelousness), you’ll also get maybe a much-needed reality check. Seeing this definitely reminded me that taking a call, reading an email or sending a text is not worth it if it means that I or someone else could end up in the hospital, or worse – dead.

Are you a country music fan? If not, did you like this song? 

Music Monday – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

29 Apr

Good Monday to you all! Fresh off a weekend getaway with my sweetie, I have that happy, buzzing feeling you get when you are so in love. My husband is my best friend and he is home to me, no matter where we are in this world. Today I thought I’d share one of my favorite love songs with you that encompasses that feeling. It’s by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, called “Home”.


This is an indie band from California and I absolutely love their vintage, old-fashioned aura. “Home” brings to mind a June and Johnny Cash timeless love story so sweet it puts a smile on your face. I would love to see them live, or maybe be a groupie in their band. How fun would that be?? Hope you enjoy this one and it puts you in a lovestruck mood!

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