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Five TV Good Girls We All Loved

29 Oct

I grew up watching TV sitcoms in the 80’s and 90’s and there were some girls that I wanted to be s0 badly! I would tune in from week to week and get caught up in their TV land lives. They always seemed to be going through the same things that I was at school and with their friends.
Here are just a few of my all time favorites.

1. Angela Chase – My So-Called Life:  Sure, she may have wanted to walk on the wild side with Jordan Catalano (sigh) and her crazy friend Rayanne, but didn’t we all go through that phase? She was always a good girl at heart as the innocent high school freshman in this way too short-lived 1994 series that left us wanting more.

2. Jessie Spano – Saved by the Bell:  Always studying, never late for class, and willing to head up any educational, extra-curricular activity,  she represented the brainy good girls of America. And she kept it real by showing that good can overcome a dark issue. I believe we all remember the caffeine pill incident. (“I’m so excited! I’m so, I’m so, scared!”)

3. Felicity Porter – Felicity:  Who wouldn’t want this highly emotional good girl who always acted on her instincts as a best friend? I think we could all learn a thing or two from her honesty and sensitivity. And her love triangle with Ben and Noel was epic! Still having a hard time deciding if she chose the right one.

4. Samantha Micelli – Who’s the Boss:   A true daddy’s girl, Sam was the All-American girl-next-door. And her dad was kind of hot, right? I loved where they lived and thought her accent was the coolest thing ever.

5. Blossom Russo  – Blossom:   Blossom was always borderline dorky to me, but I still came back every week for more. Maybe it was her cute brother Joey (whoa!) but I’m pretty sure it was her super cool collection of hats. Good girls everywhere wanted to be like Blossom. And our mothers have the pictures to prove it!

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