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Character Fashion Inspiration: The Women of “Dark Shadows”

20 May

Yesterday I went to see Dark Shadows with my mom and my hubby, and I absolutely loved it! I can remember watching reruns of the original series with my mom and sister when I was a little girl. We watched again in 1991 when NBC remade the series, which unfortunately lasted only one season. Dark Shadows reminds me of my childhood and no doubt played a big part in the development of my love for scary movies and tv shows!

I thought Tim Burton’s remake was hilarious and definitely captured the spooky, sexy, and vintage feel of the series. Of course the star of the film was Johnny Depp as the vampire Barnabas Collins (he was so good) but the other cast members also drew the audience in with their mysterious and quirky behavior. With the film taking place in 1972 the costume and set directors were tasked with recreating a super groovy and mod atmosphere, complete with vintage cars, furniture and of course, clothes.

The fashion of Dark Shadows was right on and being the vintage lover that I am, I was thrilled with the women’s fashion of the film. Here are my recreations, by character, of the women of Dark Shadows.

Josette / Victoria had my favorite style in Dark Shadows. She dressed young and sweet, always looking feminine.

Carolyn was the classic 70’s teenager whose favorite pastime was brooding in her room while listening to rock and roll.

Elizabeth was glamorous and always seemed to be wearing an evening dress, no matter what time of day it was. I loved how she was kind of the “glue” that kept the family together, keeping all their dark secrets. Oh, and don’t forget the macrame!

Dr. Julia had a no-nonsense attitude and a style to match. She always seemed to have a bit of a hangover and I imagine her favorite accessories are her oversized sunglasses and cigarette case.

Angelique was the villain of the story and her style was fierce and edgy, always sexy with a hint of wickedness.

Did you see Dark Shadows yet? Which character’s fashion would you wear today? 

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