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Goodbye, Nora Ephron… Thanks For Everything

3 Jul

Sadly, Nora Ephron died last week at the age of 71 after a battle with leukemia.

The name might not mean a lot to some of you, but to many film lovers it is a name that is respected and admired. Nora Ephron was responsible for romantic comedy classics like Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, Mixed Nuts, and most recently Julie & Julia. Basically, she was a film icon and major contributor to the “Chick Flick” genre. In addition to writer, director and screenwriter, Ephron wore many other hats including author, journalist, essayist, playwright, producer and fellow blogger. She was a well-deserved, three-time Academy Award nominee and her film Sleepless in Seattle is one of my all-time favorite movies.

I feel like Nora Ephron really got what it was to be a woman and what we want out of life. Sure we like to be swept off our feet and romanced, but in her writing Ephron captured the love, respect and happiness that all women crave, while making us laugh out loud and sometimes cry along the way. She is well-known for treasured lines from movies like Sleepless in Seattle where Sam tells Doctor Marcia Fieldstone, “Well, it was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up, they meant we were supposed to be together… and I knew it. I knew it the very first time I touched her. It was like coming home… only to no home I’d ever known… I was just taking her hand to help her out of a car and I knew. It was like… magic.” And then there’s the classic line “I’ll have what she’s having” from When Harry Met Sally.

Regardless of how many movies she made or the awards she was recognized for, Nora Ephron’s true legacy will be in how she made people feel. Hopeful, comforted during a difficult time, or just happy. Universal emotions we all crave and need to feel.

Diane Sawyer from ABC World News shared a piece on Ephorn that I thought was very well done and I encourage you to watch it below (click the link to view it in YouTube). It will give you a glimpse at the woman the world will miss but is grateful to have experienced.


Quick Chick Flick – Valentine’s Edition

11 Feb

February 14th is a very special day for women, and not just because it’s Valentine’s Day. This is the one day of the year that we can get away with watching sappy, tear-jerking, unrealistically romantic movies, and men can’t say one word to us about it. It is the ultimate day for the chick flick! No matter if you are single, attached, or married, it is likely that you will be tuning in to one of these types of movies in the next few days (either intentionally or by chance when you are flipping through the channels and one sucks you in – thanks, Lifetime).

You know by now that I love a good chick flick, but there are some that are just more appropriate than others for Valentine’s Day.  I have put together a little list of my top ten chick flick picks for V-day, and what better time than the weekend to have yourself a movie marathon!? Grab some popcorn and get your box of tissues ready girls, because you may get misty just thinking about some of these movies…

10. Sixteen Candles

I am pretty sure most girls can relate their teenage experience in some way to Samantha’s in this 80’s classic, as she falls hard for heart-throb Jake Ryan. Sixteen Candles is loaded with comedy, awkwardness, embarrassment and romance and will take you back to that feeling of gut-wrenching first love most of us experienced in high school.

9. Serendipity

Here are some things I really like: John Cusack, romantic comedies, New York City, and good music. This movie has all of these. And I love stories of fate and true-love destiny.

8. You’ve Got Mail

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are like, royalty of the romantic comedy! Put these two in a movie together and I’m sure to love it. I adore Meg Ryan in this movie – she plays this quirky New Yorker who owns a quaint bookstore (hello, dream job and city!). When her store is threatened by the big chain bookstore that is moving into the neighborhood, little does she know that the new bookstore owner, played by Tom Hanks, is who she’s been exchanging love letters emails with and is her perfect match.

7. Sweet Home Alabama

I was born, raised and still reside in the South, and really appreciate the Southern Charm of this movie. Watching Reese Witherspoon as Melanie shift from a New York socialite back to her redneck roots as she falls for her childhood sweetheart all over again is my kind of movie! Oh and Josh Lucas is pretty easy on the eyes, too.

6. Pretty Woman

How can you be a female and NOT love this movie? It’s like, mandatory. This modern-day Cinderella story follows a beautiful hoe and her rich (and hot) client who fall madly in love with each other. We all love a good fairy tale love story!

5. Romeo + Juliet

This is an iconic love story and Baz Luhrmann’s modern take on this classic is, in my opinion, genius. I think every girl who saw this as a teenager in the 90’s: 1) was utterly in love with Leonardo DiCaprio, 2) was convinced that forbidden love was the best kind of love, and 3) wanted to BE Claire Danes. I could watch this movie over and over and still want to watch it one more time.

4. Ever After: A Cinderella Story

When we were little girls, we were told the story of Cinderella. So it’s really not our fault that we are obsessed with romance and love. It’s our parents fault for telling us one of the greatest love stories of all time every night before bed. In Ever After, Drew Barrymore stars as Danielle, a servant who is in need of rescuing by Prince Charming from her stepmother and stepsisters. Sounds a little like Cinderella, eh? So yeah, we love it.

3. Twilight

Okay, so this is the worst movie in the Twilight series but come on, it’s TWILIGHT! We read the books and waited in excruciating anticipation for the movie to come out so we could finally see the story come to life. And, as painful as it is to watch Kristen Stewart in a movie, no girl can resist the forbidden love story of Edward and Bella. And it has Robert Pattinson in it. Need I say more?

2. Sleepless in Seattle

This is one of my favorite movies. Of all time. Ever. It is romantic, hilarious, heart-wrenching, classic…I could go on and on. I never get tired of watching as Annie falls in love with Sam without ever meeting him (sigh) Sleepless in Seattle is an absolute MUST SEE for females everywhere.

And finally, drum roll please…

1. The Notebook

(I went ahead and put several images in. You’re welcome.) In my opinion, The Notebook is the greatest love story of our time. I would like to thank Nicholas Sparks for writing it, and also whoever made the decision to put Ryan Gosling in this movie. In The Notebook, Allie and Noah fall hopelessly in love despite their different backgrounds – she is rich, he is far from it. And even though  Allie’s mother tries to keep them apart, they never stop loving each other and are eventually reunited in this passionate story that proves that love can conquer all. I don’t know about you, but anytime this movie is on I stop what I’m doing, sit down, and have myself a real good cry. And I plan on doing that again this Valentine’s Day.

So that’s my list! What do you think? Leave me a comment below with some of your favorite Valentine’s Day movies!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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